2019 Kitchen Design Trends

An important fact to consider when updating or remodeling your kitchen is that design and décor trends change each year. Most people don’t have a budget that allows for frequently redesigning their kitchen. By making smart choices with the major features in a kitchen, you can keep your kitchen looking up-to-date as trends change.

Kitchen Cabinets

White kitchen cabinets continue to be a popular and trendy choice. White kitchen cabinets tampa has a diverse selection of cabinet designs that can be incorporated into the 2019 kitchen design trends. Semi-custom cabinets are a budget-friendly way to include specialized features in your kitchen design that directly appeal to your cooking style and storage needs. One 2019 trend is to have two different color cabinets in the kitchen. Choosing white as one color leaves a wide range of options for the second choice of cabinet color.

Backsplash trends

The backsplash ideas for 2019 are exceptionally diverse. They range from subtle wavy backsplash designs to vibrant, patterned backsplash designs. The backsplash is a feature you can change periodically to keep your kitchen up-to-date with changing trends. White kitchen cabinets tampa can transition well throughout a multitude of backsplash color changes.

Kitchen Island

A single level island is a popular feature of the 2019 kitchen. Adding an impressive light above the island helps make it a focal point of the room. The island can be designed to function as a work surface and eating area. A white base is one option you could choose for your island design. However, you could opt for a wood-stained base or trendy color island base. Any of those options would pair well with white kitchen cabinets.

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As you select features for a kitchen update, put the majority of your money in the features that you anticipate using for a long time. Cabinets, appliances and countertops should be high on the list of long-term update investments. Cabinet hardware, faucets and lighting are two features you can update without breaking the budget to keep your kitchen looking trendy.