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How to Start a Lawn Care Business

Starting a lawn care business may be an entrepreneurial dream, with low barriers to entry and the ability to scale up with solid profit margins. There are a lot of nuances to successfully running a lawn maintenance business and the following considerations should be had when starting one.

The Many Sizes of Lawn Care Companies

Lawn care companies do not come in one size. A teenager can start their own lawn care company with a simple lawnmower and some basic tools such as a rake and pair of hedge trimmers and be successful in achieving their individual goals. However, the major profits for lawn care companies come when you achieve a certain size and scope and can utilize higher power equipment that the typical homeowner doesn’t have access to and a team of employees to perform the work for you.

Getting the Right Equipment

It is important for a lawn care company to get the right equipment to do the job effectively and efficiently and to increase their profit margins. The right lawn care equipment will depend significantly on the area in which the lawn care company is operating and the customers that they serve. For example, the needs of a suburban household are quite different from those in rural areas that have more space to service and more complex equipment to maintain. In addition, greater distance between customers can require specialized equipment to transport the lawn care equipment.

Lawn companies should focus on a specific area and type of customer and purchase equipment to service them. Mechanized ride-on lawn mowers should be the primary vehicle used and should provide lawn maintenance companies with the ability to complete the majority of their lawn maintenance needs effectively. Smaller mowers for tighter spaces and specialized equipment for maintaining hedges and flowers should also be used.

Lawn care maintenance is about more than simply cutting Lawn. A lawn care company must purchase the right fertilizer for the lawn and understand the maintenance cycles for effectively. Without this knowledge, as well as the ability to identify different types of lawn and their unique growing needs, a lawn care company will not be able to deliver the results that homeowners are looking for and will likely lose a significant portion of their business as a result. This is where qualified employees can come in and make a difference.

Finding Employees to Help

Part of running a successful lawn care business involves hiring the right people to perform affective Lawn management. Since lawn maintenance is a competitive industry and your margins will be in paying relatively cheap wages to employees, finding affordable employees is the prerequisite to being profitable. Look for cheap labor and tap the market for recent immigrants who may not have many other economic opportunities for the best results. However, be sure to hire at least one manager who is intimately aware of the needs of the lawn and who can make a big difference in problem solving, particularly for challenging lawns without optimal growing conditions. Satisfying some of these challenging lawns can help your lawn maintenance business to build up a reputation for being elite and allow you to charge more for your services and service larger customers.

Advertising and Developing a Customer Base

Marketing is the key to developing your customer base. Be sure to choose a local community, advertise locally with flyers and in local publications, and be responsive to inquiries for service. Many potential customers are turned off when their inquiries for services are not responded to timely. Marketing is important and be sure to have clear publications with a variety of contact information available. Be sure to also monitor the reviews of your business online and address customer complaints timely.

A lawn maintenance business can provide for a successful business model without significant equipment costs or upfront costs. However, like any business, there are concerns around leveraging the business and servicing customers successfully. Be focused on the success of your business and learn the trade effectively to earn significantly on your lawn care business.

Author Bio : Sarah loves writing on lawns and garden and she works for Yourgreenpal!