3 Best Types of Garage Door Openers Used in Essex

For those who have a garage door, they will probably use one of the three most commonly used  types of door openers listed below.

Nowadays,  most homeowners choosing garage doors Essex will want the best opener to suit their requirements. In the area of Essex many choose electric for the simple purpose of convenience. Taking this into consideration, there are different types of garage door openers available on the market to help make the door function effortlessly.

On the other hand, all these types of garage doors have their own pros and cons. Therefore you need to be very careful when it comes to which type of garage door opener hardware you ultimately choose for your garage.

To make this task less complicated for you, we’ve given a few pointers to help you make a more informed decision.

Continue reading and make your decision depending on exactly what will be the perfect design for your garage style and spending budget. Take a peek.

Opener #1: Chain Drive

Often proves to be the single most widely used and least expensive types of garage door openers, this chain drive is an extremely effortless device to install.

It’s basically nothing but a steel chain which is attached to the motor of the garage doors opener and can easily be turned on through any switch or a handheld remote control.

The device runs on the “shaft as well as sprocket” chain that pulls up the garage doors once the main switch is switched on.

On the other hand, this is actually the noisiest type and was the very first door opener manufactured by C.G. Johnson. This chain drive opener switch is generally attached to your garage walls, both outside and inside the garage for better accessibility.

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Opener #2: Belt Drive

This belt drive garage door opener is very similar to the chain drive design, with some variations in the system.

This device is more peaceful compared to the chain drive and can easily be installed in houses that have a garage next to or below the house. The belt drive opener is more powerful, stronger and less noisy in comparison to the chain drive, thus is well liked by many people, though it may be costlier than the chain drive.

This unit is made up of the rubber belt, which is smooth in the running as opposed to the steel chain and that’s why the noise is minimised using this sort of door opener.

Opener #3: Screw Drive

Another one is the screw drive operator, which was launched by the manufacturer, Genie.

It’s an automated garage door opener, which is controlled by an electric motor that’s also known as “direct drive.” The garage doors are lifted by making use of a threaded metal rod which runs when the motor is turned on.

There will not be any chains or straps installed in this screw drive opener and for that reason, there is absolutely no noise whatsoever. This opener also provides more pace as compared to the earlier two types and for that reason, is proven to be more cost effective than it’s predecessors.