3 Flooring Options

A home’s floors are an integral part of a house. They are a factor that comes into play when calculating the lodging’s value. The floors pull together the look and feel of the home, and the type you choose to have will determine how much maintenance and upkeep is required throughout its lifespan. Rustic planks, for example, are great for achieving a colonial feel. Due to production demands, these floors will often be one-of-a-kind delivering floors that are truly unique to your home.

Here are three more flooring options you may consider.


Carpet continues to remain a popular flooring option for a variety of reasons. It is practical, energy efficient and available in an array of styles and colors. Carpet fibers act as insulation, so they help hold heat during the chillier months. This flooring is also non-slip thereby reducing the possibility of accidental falls among the most prone, like children and seniors. Carpeting can be installed from wall-to-wall or in portions in the form of rugs. Available in materials that include nylon, acrylic and wool, you may go with sky blue in your bedroom and warm beige for the living area.


For some, it may come as a surprise, but concrete is known to make a solid home flooring option. Once this flooring is installed, it can be finished to your liking with stains and aggregates. Concrete floors are simple to clean. They are also durable. It is known to absorb heat and when properly sealed, be resistant to water. To make a concrete floor unique to your home and taste, you can also consider adding dye, colored hardeners and paint.

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Tile flooring allows for unlimited creativity. Available in what seems like an endless array of styles, it can be purchased in ceramic, porcelain and natural stone material. A tile floor can be dressed down by choosing one color across all pieces or dressed up by opting for a more intricate design. Once the tiles are purchased, they can be installed as is or cut up to form more interesting motifs.

Whether you rent or purchase your home, the floors matter. When the day you are ready to sell arrives, maintained floors can increase your asking price. So, if it is a flip or your forever home, carpet, concrete and tile remain popular choices for energy efficient, simple to upkeep and aesthetic purposes.