5 Reasons Your Basement Might Be Wet

Walking down into your basement can bring about an uncomfortable feeling if the air is musty smelling and everything seems wet. Although the actual source of moisture can vary, you need to eliminate the problem to avoid mold infestation. Below are five reasons your basement might feel and look wet.

Vent or Water Pipe Opening Leaks

Basements are a great area to place the washer and dryer. They are conveniently out of the way in homes that are set up with an established laundry room. The dryer has to be vented and the most likely spot is out an opening in the basement wall to the outdoors. Holes that carry water pipes to outdoor spigots are typical spots that allow moisture from rain and melting snow down into the basement. Sealing these will prevent moisture from gaining access.

Partial or Complete Dirt Floors

Basements that have partial or complete dirt floors will feel damp all the time. Natural moisture in the ground will consistently evaporate and enter the air, eventually settle as condensation on basement walls, pipes, and other structures. Placing a vapor barrier over the dirt portion will reduce this problem and make your basement drier and smell less musty.

Open Sump Pump Basin

Living in an area that has a high water table means having to use a sump pump. The basin the pump resides in will always be filled with water. Securely covering this water source is the best way to eliminate evaporation moisture in the air directly fed by the pump basin.

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Plumbing or HVAC Leaks

Small plumbing leaks can lead to big basement moisture troubles over time. HVAC systems that drain onto basement floors can also be a nearly endless source of added moisture in the warmer months. Check the basement frequently for water leaks and have them fixed immediately. Make sure there are no clogs in the drain for your HVAC system.

Foundation Cracks

Cracks along the seams of the basement walls and other areas of the foundation will allow rainwater to free-flow down into the basement. Have these areas sealed wholly and quickly.

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