6 Non-Food Ways to Use Your Freezer

The freezer is part of the refrigerator that holds many of the food items we plan to save and use slowly over an extended period. Below are six ways to use the freezer for weird, but interesting non-food activities.

Safely Store Extra Cash

Burglars know the likely spots to find extra cash in the house. Consider it gone if you leave it in dresser drawers, nightstands, under mattresses, pillows, and inside cookie jars. One of the best places to hide a stash of cash is right between the frozen peas and pork chops in your freezer. Wrap the bills in a sheet of paper and place it towards the back between frozen items. Unless they plan to make a little dinner while burglarizing, the funds will remain untouched.

Burn Candles Longer

Place all of your favorite candles in the freezer overnight. Light them shortly after removing from the refrigerator. Not only will the candles burn slower, but many of them will not even drip and run. It is a great way to make your candles last longer.

Extend the Life of Your Batteries

Increase the battery life of any brand and size by placing them in a small container in the freezer. Check them frequently to make sure there are no problems with leaking battery acid.

Open Sealed Envelopes

Try this little trick if you are tired of opening envelopes and having them tear. Place the envelope in the freezer for ten minutes. Pull it out, and the glued end should open with little to no effort. Only do this with your mail, please.

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Zero Run Pantyhose

Buying pair after pair of pantyhose gets expensive, but hose with runs looks awful. Take the next new pair and run them under cold water. Wring the excess water out and place them in a plastic bag in the freezer. Pull them out once they are frozen solid. Allow them to thaw at room temperature. The knitting will now be tighter, and you will not get any runs in them no matter how many they are worn.

Kill Mites and Germs on Kids Stuffed Animals

Place any small stuffed animals, blankets, and pillows ion a plastic bag and stick them in the freezer for the day. Pull them out in the evening and allow them to warm to air temperature. Your children will now have mite and germ-free items. Many germs and all mites cannot survive freezing temperatures.

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