Advantages of Keyless Door Locks for Business Facilities

Theft causes one of the greatest loses that experienced in business. The safety of goods in a facility is dependent on the types of locks installed.

The two main categories of locks available

The two main categories are the manually operated lock and key door locks and the keyless door lock systems, which are mainly automatically controlled. The manually operated door lock types include padlocks, deadbolts, knob locks, lever handle locks, cam locks, Euro profile locks, well-mounted locks and others. Types of keyless door lock systems go with the means of their operation. These locks include push-button keyless door locks, cipher locks, remote controlled locks and fingerprint locks. Keyless door lock systems offer more advantages and are more secure than the lock and key type of door locks.

Services offered and places that they can be accessed

Due to the high demand of lock systems, many companies in many places offer installation services. In the following areas you can find full lock systems or spare parts such as security software, powering batteries, wiring materials, and other access control systems Columbia SC, Florida, New York City and many more places.

Keyless door locks don’t need a key to open

Keyless door locks are convenient in large businesses with tens or hundreds of workers. Unlike manual locks where duplicating a key is necessary when a worker loses one (which will cause a lot of key duplication since chances of losing keys are very high), keyless door locks only need their codes to be rekeyed without the risk of breaking a door if access is denied.

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Keyless door lock systems are impossible to pick

The locks are pick resistance since they come with drill resistance housings hence reduce cases of break-ins. It means that costs, especially in businesses, as a result of theft, are considerably reduced. More to that, due to the locks’ ability to withstand attempted break-ins, there is a reduction in expenses resulting from repairing damages.


Their designs and styling can be easily customized

A buyer can order a lock system that best meets their needs. Before buying a keyless lock system, the environment in which it shall be subjected to should be considered and the lock system made and installed accordingly. Some locks are built for indoor use only and others for the outdoor purpose. It is crucial that locks meant for outdoor use to be made using weather resistant materials. It will ensure durability hence minimum consumption of time and money spent on maintenance.

They allow the owner to keep track of access to sites

Most of the systems have a central terminal from where an operator can keep track of every site that is accessed. Mainly where large facilities are involved are where these terminals are utilized. Keyless door lock systems also allow an operator to remotely open a door from the terminal for a user who isn’t authorized to have the key codes.