Can Interior Design Be Considered Art?

What defines art? Is it the brush strokes on a canvas, how nice the finished product looks, or is it the meaning behind it all? When it comes to art, there are a lot of unanswered questions, and each one doesn’t have a solid answer, as it is all subjective. Art to one person may be trash to someone else. So that brings me to the main question:

Is interior design art?

Many people consider interior design to simply be a way of making a room to look, warm, and comfortable. Most do not realize that the people who make this a reality are artists in their own right. They rearrange furniture, pick specific colors, and make rooms look just right as to persuade others into purchasing a house, or simply enjoy living in that room even more.

The overall feel of the room can convey emotions, bring feelings of joy, happiness, togetherness, etc. If even one piece of furniture is in the wrong place, it can throw the whole thing off.

Of course, there are also other kinds of interior designers, who are able to take a room and make it functional, even at the cost of visual appeal and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, there is an art in and of itself when it comes to functionality.

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When it comes to interior design, every piece in important. Just one misplacement can throw the rest of it off. Sometimes, with a room, there is so much disarray when it comes to placement and design that it can all just kind of blend together into a hodgepodge of disorder. However, once this is fixed, the whole room starts to glow, and feel like it was worth a million bucks.


There is vast collection of iconic and beautiful furniture pieces that are fairly common in just about any interior design project. Many of these bend the idea of art vs design, with many being both gorgeous as well as practical. You can visit TMF 家匠 and get inspiration when designing your own house, or even if you are designing someone else’s.