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How to Properly Waterproof the Exterior Foundation Walls

Areas that have a high water table, or experience inordinate amounts of rain, can cause stress to homeowners when the basement seems to continually suffer water damage. This is when waterproofing the exterior foundation walls prove beneficial. We need Waterproof. Because it can be a little pricey to get done, but the results are impressive. Below is how the process of foundation wall waterproofing is done.

Expose the Foundation Wall and Inspect for Cracks

You need to find out how healthy the foundation walls are before adding any type of waterproofing product. Cracks and other damage will need to be repaired before going any further. The waterproofing contractor will use heavy equipment to dig the soil back and expose the foundation wall.


Build a Trench Drainage System at the Foundation Base

Proper drainage will assist the benefits of the waterproofing by helping direct water flow away from the foundation. While you can use a trench system built with drainage tiles and gravel. The finished system can be covered with straw. The goal is to grab and direct the water away from the location of the foundation.

Apply a Spray Sealant or Apply a Waterproof Membrane

There are numerous products on the market that work for waterproofing. Some products that can be sprayed or painted on. There are also waterproof membranes that can be applied. All of these products are good and will prove helpful in cases of a sudden slight crack in the foundation wall.

Add a French Drain System

A French drain system will help in areas that are always getting hit with heavy rains or snowmelt. The clever design of this system helps gather the water and push it into an already existing sewer line. Once again, the goal is to lead excess water out and away from the foundation wall.

Slope the Soil Down and Away from the Foundation

The contractor will slope the soil down and away from the foundation after replacing the dirt. In addition, the slope needs to be a half-inch per foot, going roughly 10-feet out from the foundation.

Call on waterproofing experts like A Proseal and find out more about waterproofing exterior foundation walls today!…

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How to Use the Refrigerators to Keep Foods Fresh

Refrigerators are designed to keep many types of foods fresh, but they have to be stored properly and in the right areas of the appliance. Below are a few tips for keeping some of your favorite foods fresh using your refrigerator.

Fruits, Vegetables, and Humidity

Fruits and vegetables need to have a certain level of humidity to taste good and keep from drying out. Keeping them in the crisper drawer helps, but it can also improve the quality to keep them in a loosely-tied plastic bag. Keep everything in the original packaging, if possible. This includes mushrooms, potatoes, and all other varieties. To freeze fruits, wash them thoroughly and place them loosely in the freezer. Place them in separate plastic freezer bags once they are completely frozen.


Dairy Products in Refrigerators

It may be tempting to place the gallon of milk within arms reach and shove the yogurt or cottage cheese in the door for convenience, but these items all need to be on the lowest level towards the back. They need maximum cool air to stay fresh.

Raw Meats

Raw meats can grow bacteria quickly. This is another item that should have an area in reserve at the bottom back of the refrigerator. Place the meat in a sealed bag to help avoid possible contamination with other foods.

Bread and Butter

Bread can be left out of the refrigerator unless you do not eat it very often. Placing it about midway on a shelf will help slow down the development of mold. Butter should be placed on the interior shelf for maximum freshness. It can be put in the freezer but should be used up within a six month period.


There are many myths when it comes to eggs. Some people feel they keep well by sitting on the counter. This is true to some extent, but the shells can grow salmonella, which can be introduced to the raw egg upon cracking it open. It is safer to keep them in the original store container on a shelf in the refrigerator.

The Truth About Bananas

Automatically sticking the bananas in the refrigerator is not the best way to get top quality. Allow them to ripen out of the refrigerator first, then place them inside to keep them from getting too ripe.

Contact experts like Sub Zero Repair Centers for your Sub Zero refrigerator repair Key Largo today to keep all of your favorite foods fresh!…

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Home Automation and Temperature Control

It is understood that technology is playing a larger role in the way that people live their lives. Technology has found its way into some of the things that were just a few decades ago. No one imagines technology playing a role. A good example of this is the trend of many people slowly building a smart home. With smart homes that use electronic hubs to allow homeowners to control their different parts of the house like an Auto Temperature Control. Either by voice or by entering a written command.


One of the cool things about home automation is that homeowners can control their homes. Even if they are on a physical premise or if they are in another location. One area where this is really taking off is when it comes to controlling the temperature of the home. Homeowners love the freedom that this automated service provides. This service lets them lower their thermostats. Moreover it can increase the power of the air conditioner, or turn on the heater at home as they go.

One of the reasons why HVAC companies Williamsburg VA professionals are seeing an increase in the number of people turning toward home automation has to do with how home automation can lower the energy costs of the home. With home automation, a homeowner does not need to leave their heater or their air conditioner running throughout the day. They can verbally or by sending written commands stipulate when the air conditioner or when the heater turns on or when it turns off. They can control the temperature of their home from far away.

This added level of control has saved homeowners a lot of money. There is also the comfort aspect. For example, if a homeowner is gone the entire day, when they first walk in their home, it might be too cold or it might be too hot. In times past they would first need to manually turn on the air conditioner or manually turn on the heating unit in order to bring the home to a comfortable temperature. Now, a homeowner can simply say that they are 15 minutes away from home. This can trigger a series of processes that will bring the home up to a comfortable temperature.

The home automation department will make more progress in the future. Likely, many of these advancements will allow homeowners to be more particular when it comes to different things like air quality, humidity, and temperature with the goal of making their home the perfect environment for them.…

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What Are Sash Windows?


For homeowners looking to choose a classic yet beautiful window style, sash windows have been the obvious choice for centuries. Loosely defined as a window type with more than one moving part, sash windows work to increase airflow and functionality without limiting a homeowner’s view. For this reason, they’ve stood the test of time, originating in the mid-1600s in American homes and making their way down into the modern age, where they serve as a much-beloved window style in modern and classic homes alike. Sash windows are a great option for showcasing a brilliant view and catching a lot of sun, but before you say “I’m calling my local window dealer and asking for sash windows!” take a moment to learn a bit more about the pros and cons of this specific window style.

Pro: Aesthetics

The best quality of a sash window is its ability to let in the view and the light from a fixed angle. Because of the elegant look of sash windows, the style has been favored by New England homes and architects since the earliest days of American independence. Sash windows carry a certain historical appeal and are never out of place even in the most luxurious modern homes.

Con: Cleaning

If you’re someone who enjoys spotless, consistently clean home windows, sash windows might not be the right choice for you. Many times, a sash window will involve one fixed section that can’t be removed and another moveable section that can be more easily accessed. Because of the way they’re made, sash windows can be difficult to fully clean. It’s hard to get into the fixed part of a sash window without scraping a lot of paint off, and fully removing your sash window can prove a trial. Still, diligent homeowners who are fully committed to their sash windows can easily find a way around this issue.

Pro: Movement

Sash windows are only rivaled by casement windows when it comes to their ability to ventilate a room without sacrificing style and comfort. Because of their unique, simple design, sash windows can be as wide or as narrow as a homeowner wants while still providing a great amount of airflow to a room. Wide sash windows can be extremely breezy when opened and securely weathertight and watertight when closed, creating a perfect solution for volatile, stormy weather.

Con: Protection


Because sash windows are an older style, they tend to be made of wood and painted over. While this isn’t completely necessary, many homeowners and business owners prefer the look of natural wood treatments when it comes to sash windows. For drier climates or more mild areas around the country, this doesn’t present a problem. However, when it comes to moist, volatile, or extremely hot or cold climates, sash windows do present the possibility of internal rotting and general compromise when it comes to their structure. There are ways to avoid this of course, including weatherproofing windows each season and investing in special wood treatments, but if you’re in the market for a window that’s impenetrable and hardy, a sash window may not be the best choice for you.…

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Turning The Basement Into A Fun And Functional Space

If you have a basement in your home, you might want to do more with it than use the space for storage. You can discover a few trendy ideas when you consult with a basement remodeling Northern VA company that can come to the home and examine the space to see what would work best. You might have to update some wiring, the floor, the walls or other areas before designing can begin, but you’ll have a space that is functional for the family.

A basement idea that is a bit more modern than a traditional living room or bedroom includes a bar, paneled walls, and a tiled floor. Create a bar space in the center of the room with a large television on one wall, a couch and a few chairs and a few stools around the bar. The basement is now a room where everyone can have fun and relax after a long day or watch a favorite sport on television. You could also use the basement as a place to store bottles of wine by creating a space behind the bar or off to the side.

If you have kids, then you know that they can sometimes get bored of playing in their bedroom. They might not the space to play in the yard outside that you might want for them. An idea is to transform the basement into a playroom for the kids. Build a wall to create a small room where older kids can do homework. Paint the walls white or a bright color to make give the room a friendly and open feeling. Carpet should be an indoor and outdoor material in case there are any spills or stains. Put shelves on one wall for toys, puzzles, and games. You can also put a television in the basement for kids to watch their favorite cartoons or movies.

Other basement remodeling ideas include creating a small apartment for friends or family or another bedroom for an older child. You could also create a living room for large family gatherings. Another idea is to turn the basement into a movie theater for entertaining or spending time with your family.…

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Home Renovation Tips at Affordable Prices


Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions a person can make. It’s a major financial decision but also a decision that impacts a person’s lifestyle and the way their children might be raised. People who think about buying a home may fall in love with the features of a house, like the walk-in closets or spa bathroom, but the street the house is on, the neighborhood, the schools and proximity to work are all major considerations as well. All of this is why many people buy a house that lacks some of the features they desire, in exchange for other considerations like a great neighborhood.

To resolve the conflict between living in an “okay” house in exchange for a wonderful neighborhood, some homeowners eventually decide to remake their home with a remodel, so they can finally enjoy the home they’ve dreamed of. By taking out a low interest home equity loan, the remodel can often be done affordably, ultimately adding value to the home.

Finding General Contractors

One of the most important considerations in planning a remodel is in finding a good general contractor to oversee the job. A general contractor will oversee the planning of a job plus all of the work involved, to insure the project goes successfully and stays on budget. A homeowner should work closely with the contractor and plan every detail in advance to ensure the entire project comes out as envisioned.

Today finding a good contractor is much easier than in the past. There are may online websites today dedicated to listing local contractors. These listings have references and samples of a contractor’s past project, so a homeowner can easily review the person’s work portfolio. When a good candidate is found, a free phone meeting can be arranged, which will give the homeowner a chance to discuss the project and get a sense of a reasonable budget. Once the right person is found, an agreement can be drawn up and the real work can begin.

No, remodeling a home isn’t a small job, but planned well, it can be a win-win endeavor on many levels.…

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Researching Options for Industrial Lighting

You may need special lighting in your factory. You cannot use regular light bulbs and lamps found in other businesses.

However, you also may not know what your best options are when it comes to bulbs, sockets, fluorescent starter kits, and other equipment for this purpose. You can take your time to research your options when you go online today.

Learning How the Products Work

Most people do not spend a lot of time thinking about how light brackets and other lighting equipment works. They take for granted these items’ function and just assume that the ones in their businesses will always work.

In reality, these parts are innovative systems in and of themselves and demand a certain level of attention to ensure their longevity. Before you add any to your online shopping cart, you might want to discover how the parts in them work and what purpose they serve overall in your factory.

The website makes this learning easy by offering you enlarged pictures of the starters, brackets, and other items for sale. When you click on the pictures, you will be taken to a page full of information that you can read at your leisure. By the end of your online visit, you may know full well how they work and what ones you need for your business.


The company offers high-quality components for sale. However, on a rare occasion the equipment may suffer from manufacturing defects and damages.

You do not have to lose money on parts that are not intact or work as promised. The company offers a warranty on everything it sells. You can get the warranty information on the website and verify if you can return the parts you purchased for a refund or new ones.

Latest News

Within the industry itself, the pace at which improvements and changes occur can be startling. You may just learn how one part works before it is changed or upgrade altogether.

You do not have to shop with outdated knowledge and understanding. You can get the latest updates on the website and on lighting for your factory and remain assertive and in charge of what you need to keep your factory productive and successful.

Your factory may demand unique lighting not found in other businesses. You can get the newest fluorescent products and latest news by shopping on the website now.…

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