Common Signs When AC Requires Repair

If your air conditioner suddenly breaks down in the middle of the summer, it can be a brutal experience. That is why it is very important to keep your air conditioning system well-maintained and have maintenance performed on a regular basis. It is important to stay on top of any issues to avoid a sudden breakdown when you least want it. The following are some common signs you should watch for that can indicate that you are in need of air conditioning repair st charles il.

Weak Airflow

You can check the airflow by putting your hand up to any vent that is in your house. Is the airflow nice and strong or is it so weak that you can barely feel it? When airflow is weak that is an indication that there is problems with the ductwork. It may also indicate that there are problems with the actual cooling unit. Whatever the issue, your house is never going to be as comfortable as you would like it be if you have weak airflow. It will also make your air conditioning system work harder than it needs to and can cause further damage and increase your utility bill. So any time you have weak airflow, make sure you call a professional air conditioning repair service for help.

Moisture Around Your Air Conditioning Unit

If there is any moisture surrounding your air conditioning unit, it needs to be addressed. It can indicate several different types of problems. One of those is the lines on your air conditioning setup might be clogged, and that can lead to some serious problems in the future. It might be a freon leak, and that can potentially pose some serious health issues. No matter what the potential problem might be, if there is any moisture surrounding your A/C unit, you should have an HVAC professional check it out.

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Poor Cooling

The first sign that you will probably notice is when your home doesn’t get cool enough. No one likes to have a house that is too warm or high energy bills. So if you have this problem, contact a professional AC repair company.