Custom Architecture Projects: The Design Process

Designing a space is an exciting process; you become a creator, an artist of structures and spaces. While the agency that comes with designing an urban building, school, or other project is empowering, it can also be overwhelming. Understanding the design process of custom architectural design provides a concrete pathway for a large project. Customized architecture projects give life and functionality to the ideas and qualities you want your space to contextually hold.

Step 1: Pre-Design

The pre-design phase is when you and your architect discuss the scope of the project- the features and purpose you want your structure to encompass. Together, you create a vision for the project. Good architects will pose the questions that encourage you to explore the needs of a space- who will occupy this space and what are their needs. In this phase, logistics such as time frame and budge are also discussed.

Step 2: Schematic Drawings

After the initial pre-design meeting, your architect creates schematic drawings. In this phase, your project takes shape.

Step 3: Design Development

In design development, your schematic drawings are expanded to include a higher level of completeness and detail; materials, floor plans and coordination issues are added. This phase is all about working out final kinks so that revisions are not needed during construction.

Step 4: Construction

The construction phase is where the hard work of design takes action. Final construction drawings are devised that act as the translation between your vision and the team that will be physically creating your project. These drawings describe the parameters for the building process. Finally, a cohort of consultants comes together; interior designers, engineers, and HVAC specialists work to ensure the structural integrity of your project.

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The design process of architecture projects is creative problem-solving in the purest sense. The vision of a space takes shape- a three-dimensional reality is created. The design process is exciting and dynamic.