Do You Need a Retaining Wall in Your Yard?

Spending time thinking about whether soil is important may not occur until it begins to erode. When this happens, your landscape design suffers disruption. St Louis retaining walls are an important feature for your landscape. Not only do they add a visual appeal to the yard, but they also serve an important purpose

What is the Purpose of Retaining Walls?

Retaining walls combat soil erosion where a hill exists. Over time, that hill can erode from water and gravity pulling it down. Retaining walls help to prevent that erosion in many ways. These structures also serve other functional purposes while keeping your house on stable ground.

With retaining walls, you can get more usable flat space. Obviously, these structures keep flooding at bay. They will slow the flow of rainwater that would otherwise leave your yard soaked. The flat areas on them stop the water and keeps flooding to a minimum.

Depending on where you have them installed, retaining walls can add extra seating. This is very functional for outdoor parties. You can even add small cushions so your guests can sit comfortably.

What are the Best Places for Retaining Walls?

Typically, St Louis retaining walls are placed in areas where extra support is needed. This is done to prevent erosion from causing the earth to move downhill. Thus, battling gravity is the most basic function for this type of structure.

Hire a Professional St Louis Retaining Walls Contractor

You could attempt a DIY project and install retaining walls in your yard. Or, you could hire a professional landscaping contractor that specializes in this type of project. Taking advantage of years of experience could help you avoid a catastrophe.

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For instance, poorly constructed retaining walls can break suddenly. This will unleash a flood of mud and other particles into your yard. Additionally, St Louis retaining walls contribute to your home’s stability. Improperly packed landscaping can shift and take your house with it.

The contractor will help create retaining walls that look beautiful and last through years of extreme weather.