Four Ways to Make a Room Stand Out 

When giving your home a much-needed update, there are many options to make it stylish. Neutrals and grays are very popular choices that can help things look clean and organized. But if you want your space to have a more unique look, here are four ways to take a room from boring to bold.

Unique Accessories

Pendulux clocks, animal-themed art, and shadow lights are all simple statement pieces that can add a lot of wow factor for little money. Consider putting them in unexpected places around the room to catch the eye. These items are great conversation starters that don’t require making over an entire room or making a huge investment.

Asymmetrical Tile Layouts

Colorful tile accents don’t have to be limited to kitchens and bathrooms. Consider adding them to your living room, dining room, and even your bedroom. Choose unique shapes, such as hexagon, arabesque or fish scale, and think outside the box when it comes to arranging them. Allowing the tiles to end in their natural shape instead of cutting them to form a straight line can create a striking look.

Brightly Colored Furniture

Choosing a bold paint color is a big commitment (and may not be an option if you’re a renter). Wall color can also vary greatly depending on the light and time of day and has the ability to overpower a room. Instead, find furniture and accent pieces in vivid colors to shake things up. Pair unexpected colors in the same room to bring life into the space.

Personal Items

There is nothing more exclusive than a family keepsake because it’s yours alone! Print a favorite photo in black and white on a large-scale canvas. Display an heirloom necklace on a wall shelf. Hang some simple hooks on the wall to show off those vintage scarves and hats.

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With a little inspiration, you can make your house a one-of-a-kind space that truly reflects your personality and feels like home.