Getting Down To Basics with Improvements

Making Your Home More Appealing

Learn about the fundamentals in sprucing your home into an appealing one with bright design concepts, especially when you feel that you’ve been sapped of energy because your home lacks that warm appeal and sparkling vitality, even if it is functional.

Put that spark in the room to get attention

Bringing attention to an otherwise functional room can be the beginning of creativity brewing well in the mind, so the idea here is to provide the room with a central or focal point of interest which can draw immediate attention when one enters the room and which also shows your personality and sense of style, such as having classic but eye-catching sofa design covers, an elegant chandelier, a painting that adds drama to the room, stylish furniture and many more ideas.

Play up with a contrast of paint colors

Painting your rooms with a uniform color of neutrals or muted pastels may look neat, tidy and dainty, but in the long run, you feel like you’re living in a hospital; however, if you try repainting your room walls with a contrast of colors, like brightly shades of yellow, blue, magenta, etc., you’ll likely to end up with rooms that bring more life and energy in it.

Add a touch of feel to your home with texture

Even if you’re not totally sold out to a color contrast, as your sense of style settles more comfortably with an all-white or neutral room color, at least liven up each room by adding texture to the components in the room, such as linen draperies, plush velvet chair or rattan chair, shiny silky cushions, woven baskets, and a nubby cotton sofa, such that these textured elements create a warm, rich environment that is pleasing to the eye.

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Bring the natural environ with flowers into your home

Adding flower arrangements with natural elements such as shell vases or rock pieces or even twigs, can definitely bring the final touch to your home interior design, just avoid using the fake florals.

Fill the place with your personal stamp

Remember that your home is an extension of yourself, such that every bit of your personality must have its personal stamp in each room, like cover the walls with things that you’re passionate about, fill the room with mementos of your family, think of other ways that you can express your creative ideas, all of these should showcase on who you are, your brand of personality.

The important point here is that don’t leave your home looking just plain and functional, create a warm, well-designed home that reflects who you are, such that even if you have to hire an interior designer, by using these tips, you’re designer will surely agree on your points of consideration for your home.

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