Luke Roofing Launches a Solar Roofing Campaign


(Laguna Hills, CA) California continues to serve as a leader in solar energy. The earth continually receives more power from the sun than the world can possibly use, yet many individuals do not recognize this. For this reason, California opted to enact the California Solar Initiative in 2006. The goal was to have 3,000 megawatts of solar power within ten years. This was only the first step they took in promoting renewable energy and consumers are the ones who benefit. Solar roofing is one option every homeowner should consider, as Scientific American states 350 rooftop solar shingles can help a homeowner save 40-60 percent on their electric bill.

“Luke Roofing ( shares California’s commitment to renewable energy and offers solar roofing options for individuals in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas. Many consumers, however, find they aren’t satisfied with solar energy once their system has been installed. Often, this is due to the cost or a standardized design being used. This is never a concern when consumers work with us,” Caleb Luke, spokesperson for Luke Roofing (, explains.

Luke Roofing provides consumers with a professional assessment, a customized design and different financial options to guarantee the finished project meets the consumer’s needs in every way. Thanks to this three part plan, individuals find they get the most from their solar roofing, and the company warranties all roof penetrations. This is of concern as a solar installation provider may not warranty the roof and vice versa. With the help of solar roofing, customers find their energy bills decrease and they increase their independence.

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“Solar roofing consists of photovoltaic solar modules which are simply interconnected solar cells. These cells trap photon energy between silicon wafer layers. During this process, negatively charged ions come loose from their atoms and move through semiconductors. Reverse current isn’t an issue, as P-N junctions and separate diodes are used, and the loss of power is reduced even when some panels are partially shaded. This system provides ample energy to power homes and businesses when it is designed properly, and we can be of help with this,” Luke continues.

Money is often a reason people state for not making the switch to renewable energy. California offers rebates for individuals interested in obtaining renewable energy, and these rebates are dependent on the type of system selected and the area in which the residence is located. Furthermore, Luke Roofing offers financing options to help customers achieve their goal of added energy independence. For example, HERO financing allows a homeowner to finance the full purchase cost and installation of certain solar roofing products, allowing more individuals to take advantage of this option.

“Our goal is to provide a customer with everything they want, from an excellent roof to outstanding customer service. Normal work hours are from 7am to 4pm Monday through Friday to minimize disruptions to the family, although work is occasionally done on Saturdays. We ask that automobiles be moved to the garage and all valuables inside the garage are properly covered to protect them. Our goal is to keep the job site clean at all times and remove any debris at the end of each work day. These are only a few of the steps we take to increase satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more about how we can be of help to you,” Luke states.

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About Luke Roofing:

Luke Roofing has a long standing reputation for doing what is promised and doing so on time. The company is a state licensed roofing contractor with 33 years of experience in Los Angeles and Orange County roof repair and installation. They are bonded and insured for two million dollars and proudly maintain perfect ratings on Guild Quality. Gary Luke, the owner, personally manages the work crews to ensure the best possible customer experience, and the professional roof installers have many years of experience with a wide variety of roofing materials and installation techniques ensuring high quality roofing craftsmanship.

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