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Make a Statement On Campus with Unique T-Shirts

November 8, 2017

Casual does not have to mean boring or sedate. Throwing on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt to make it on time for that eight o’clock class on campus can still allow students to make a statement or reflect some personality. T-shirts off the rack at the super huge department store will not get noticed because most people will have those. Find some that are unique yet affordable.

Specialty T-Shirts

There are several websites that have specialty t-shirts regarding a hobby, a profession, or the breed of cat or dog favored. The issue is the cost. Pricing is higher because the design or sentiment is innovative, funny, or even sarcastic. Add shipping costs to the order and it ends up being a small fortune. Books will cost a small fortune so any new t-shirts for the school year cannot.

That colorful skiing t-shirt online would be great, but it will cost the equivalent of a full tank of gas. The budget of a college student cannot handle those kind of prices. Estimate the cost of books, living costs for the semester, and a bus or plane ticket to get home during the holidays. What is left will have to cover going out on a Friday or Saturday night with friends, personal essentials, and clothes.

Shop Wisely

Browse the internet for websites that offer creative t-shirts at affordable pricing. There will be a few that suit personal style, preferences, and interests. Compare those sites before picking out perfect shirts. Take the time to learn more about the shipping costs, sizing, and return policy on each site.

A website that originates overseas will have different sizing than one that operates in the US. A large size on some websites is much smaller than the large size to which you are accustomed. Always double check the size chart on the website. Many sites, especially those that print to order, will not accept a return because the wrong size was indicated by the customer.


Verify shipping rates before providing credit card or PayPal information. There may be free shipping on orders that reach a certain amount. Flat rate shipping may be offered, or shipping costs can be high. Review the completed order carefully before placing it. Write down the tracking number when one is provided.