Metal Carports, Sheds and The Freedom of Versatility

There are so many uses for metal buildings or carports it would take a small book to describe them all and then you’d likely still miss a few. From metal carport frames meant to shelter expensive vehicles to colonial style custom buildings it’s easy to find exactly what you need when you know where to look. The internet is overrun with companies that all promise the same things such as quality, customization options and durability but beware, you get what you pay for. A little research before you buy could help avoid a big let-down before it’s too late.

One Time Only Purchases

If you start with quality your new metal structure should last for decades, and this is where research can really pay off. Before you sign anything or make a firm decision on a company check their references, especially comments from previous customers. Buildings made of galvanized steel are designed to be tough, and unlike wooden structures they are naturally “fire proof” as well as having roofs resistant to age, wear and tear. When it’s metal you can forget the termites, rot or mold often found in older wood buildings.

If you’re still trying to decide between metal or wood keep in mind that metal buildings are just as easy to work with as wood, they are more adjustable and once installed on a cement foundation with insulated walls they are every bit as comfortable as any other type of building. As far as appearances go, having a metal shed or carport on your property isn’t a downgrade. Paint them to match your home and most people will never realize its metal and not wood they are looking at.

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The Customization Possibilities of Metal Are Endless

If the company your dealing with isn’t able or willing to match your imagination, then move until you find one that is. Tell the company rep what you need the building or carport for and they should be able to handle the rest. Maybe the area you want to install on is oddly shaped, no problem. A competent company will be able to match the building or carport to the land, so it blends in and adds to overall appeal instead of standing out like something that doesn’t belong.

A Good Idea That Only Got Better with Time and Modern Materials

According to Wikipedia, the first carports were known as “Auto Spaces,” and other than the material used for their construction they haven’t changed in nearly a century. In 1910 the first known home to be designed with a carport included was built (W.B. Sloane House in Elmhurst, Illinois). Carports and sheds have been the most economical and effective way to protect your belongings for quite some time now, and that isn’t going to change any time soon.

And remember, just because you have a brand new, insulated metal shed in your yard doesn’t mean you have to use it for tools or equipment. They make excellent little get-away places or extra space for guests. Or, when nature decides to rain on your outside event, a big metal carport is a pleasant place to sit out the storm while you listen to the music on the roof.