Many people who make a minimalist home as their dream home choice. This is because the design of the minimalist home impressed simple, elegant and luxurious and comfortable to be in place.

For those of you who build a minimalist house with one floor, you can give a little of your land to be a garden. With the garden in the house, you can give the impression of spacious and more natural impressed. For elegant and innovative floors to match a wide range of architectural styles and for every fashion sense, you can use stained concrete Houston. You can also create a fish pond in the garden as a quiet impression on for you because the water from the pool can also provide its own coolness when the atmosphere outside the house is hot.

Before you build a minimalist home, it helps you prepare a mature planning first such as home theme, home design, and your building form. For example, when you want to make a home from the basic wood materials, you better consult with the developer or home design services provider first. And when you want to make a home from the basic concrete materials, you should know about the company.

Good observation and supervision according to standards should also be considered before building a house. Service providers or home design developers will usually survey your place first in order to determine the most suitable theme and shape of the building that fits with the location that you will make your home. Also, ensure regular and regular maintenance when the house you build is ready and ready for everyday use.

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The Idea of ​​a Minimalist House Model

Basically, a minimalist house does not always have to have the impression of luxury, you can also issue a simple impression on a minimalist home. This was evidenced by several models of minimalist home design that many circulating in cyberspace. So, what should be considered when you want to build a simple minimalist home? Check out some points in this article.

  1. Spatial Planning

Neat impression on every corner of the room must be in your house. Therefore, you must set the arrangement of every room in your home. Familiarize to all family members to keep the neatness and cleanliness of the house. That way, your house will still look neat and minimalist and simple.

  1. Roofs

Unlike the 2-story minimalist house model that has the impression of luxury, the roof of a simple house usually has more gentle shape. If you usually see a minimalist house has a sharp roof with a firm line, it will not be seen on the concept of a simple house.

  1. Sticking Placement

For a simple model of a simple 1-story house, you’ll want to pay attention to the bulkhead in every room. With the bulkhead in your house, can provide firmness division of the room in the house. So you can adjust the function of each room wisely without making 1 room to be used as a multipurpose room.

  1. Horizontal and Vertical lines

Every line that is in the house, of course, has its own function and role. Similarly, the concept of a simple house. It’s good you give a lot of horizontal and vertical lines to decorate the walls of your home. That way you can find clearer and firmer lines on each side of your home.

  1. Window Size
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For a simple window minimalist home, generally still the same as the houses that have been built since the first. Yes, larger window sizes will definitely be chosen to give way to fresh air into your home.