Mosquito Management and Your Pond or Lake

Lakes and ponds are generally still bodies of water that prove the perfect environment for mosquitoes and gnats to breed by the thousands. Each one has the power to deliver a painful or itchy bite to anyone standing near their breeding ground. Management techniques need to be employed to reduce or eliminate the problem.

The Unpleasant Experience of Mosquitoes and Gnats

Spending time outdoors near your pond or lake can become a miserable experience if the mosquito and gnat population suddenly grows out of control. You exp0ect a certain amount during the spring and summer months, but welcoming breeding environments can make them seem to take over. It will take the help of pond and lake management specialists to get them under control.

Stagnant Water and Mosquito Breeding

Mosquitoes need stagnant water as the perfect environment for breeding. One way to decrease the number of mosquitoes and gnats around your pond or lake is to add aeration systems that stir the water continuously. The less inviting the water surface, the less they will breed naturally. You can reduce the numbers quickly.

Excess Plants and Mosquito Numbers

Allowing your pond or lake to grow excessive amounts of plants that poke up through the water is another way that the perfect breeding environment is developed. Weed and plant management is a part of naturally reducing mosquito and gnat numbers. It’s another simple way to bring a sensible solution.

Environmentally-Safe Mosquito Preventative Products

Applications of products that help eliminate mosquitoes and other biting flying bugs is often necessary when the problem is severe. Specialists in mosquito pond treatment will know what products to use that are environmentally safe to use. You can begin to enjoy outdoor activities again without the aggravation of biting insects.

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Your lake or pond can harbor enough mosquito larvae to make your entire summer a painful time that drives everyone back indoors. Getting the problem managed is the only way you can enjoy full use of your property.