Roofing Repairs Can Create Challenges

Roofing repairs are not the same as a roof that requires replacing whether it is on a house or if it is on a commercial building. The one advantage with a commercial building is many of these have a flat roof and use a different type of material than asphalt shingles. The damaged area that will need to be repaired is often easier to detect.

The Water Challenge

When a roof is damaged whether it is on a commercial building or a house one of the issues that can occur is water leaking in the structure. This is because if there is rain on a roof it rolls downhill, which means at some point it will find the spot where the shingles are damaged and from there find its way under the fiber paper that is under the shingles. Once it has permeated the tar-based fiber paper then it will saturate the sheeting, which is plywood. Once the plywood is wet for an extended amount of time it is possible it can become soft and will also need this repaired. The Commercial flat roof is similar since there is no pitch to the roof any inclement weather and the rainwater will sit on this kind of roof until it evaporates. The real challenge is often finding where the damage is at since where the damage on the interior does not mean directly above it is where the damage is located. This is since water rolls downhill.

How Roof Damage Happens

When the entire roof does not need to be replaced since the shingles are not beyond their warranted time, they are not brittle or curling which are signs the roof would need to be replaced. Instead, this is damage that might happen during high winds, heavy storms or for other reasons including a tree limb hitting the roof. Damage can happen quickly and often without the homeowner or business owner realizing there is damage done until they start seeing signs. The signs after heavy winds or a storm might be shingles ripped off the roof or it could be seeing signs of water on the interior ceilings.

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The amount of damage from water may depend on the pitch of the roof also since the flatter is the roof the longer the water may sit on it giving it more time to find its way into the damaged spot.

Repairing the Damage

Once damage on it will require roof repairs fort myers fl because it is something that cannot be put off or it will cause more damage to the structure. This will require skill for replacing the damaged part, whether it is just shingles, or if it is sheeting repair, tar paper replacement and then shingles.

When this spot on the roof is replaced it should be the end of any problems this kind of damage on a roof that happened. Then the roof should protect the structure until it is time to replace the entire roof later.