Six Guidelines for Buying Furniture

Six Guidelines for Buying Furniture

Furniture is an immensely important element of your home. You want furniture pieces that reflect your personality, taste preferences, and most importantly, furniture must be functional. Whether you are starting a home or giving your current home a facelift, this is not a decision you can take lightly. If you are on the hunt for furniture, here are six guidelines to help you make informed choices:


Any big or small improvements start with knowing how much you can spend. Have you saved up enough cash for the kind of overhaul you desire? Is there some wiggle room in your finances to allow these purchases at this time? These are fundamental questions to ask yourself so that you are financially prepared for the journey ahead.

Take Measurements

Buying the perfect size of furniture is extremely important so it fits in the exact spot you imagined. Take measurements of the areas where the different furniture pieces will be placed and take this with you when window shopping. If you are starting with an empty slate or hope to replace your entire furniture, it would be expedient to measure the entire house and jot these down on a sketchpad. Failure to do this paves the way for ill-sized furniture which may be too big or small for your home.

Space Planning Tool

If you want to get a little fancy, a space planning tool helps you know the best location to place your furniture. All you need is to input the measurements and let the software guide you. There are many varieties of space planning software in the market such as Planner 5D and Design a Room.

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Annual Sales

With stifling competition in nearly every industry, there are sales and great deals for various items throughout the year. When it comes to furniture, January is the most opportune moment to buy during clearance sales. A quick entry bunkbeds Virginia Beach VA will show you a list of retailers with great deals.

Sample Swatches

Color vision deficiency (CVD) is a real problem that millions of people (1 in 12 men and 1 in 200) grapple with every day. No matter how great you are at deciphering colors, ask for swatches of fabric from the furniture store. This will help you compare with your theme colors to see if they go well together or not. It is also better to present swatches rather than describe color coding to your significant other.


When buying furniture, you want something that is functional, safe and doesn’t create any barriers. This is particularly so if you have young children or pets as they have a proclivity to create messes. Easy to clean fabrics are the best so you can effectively remove grease and stains from furniture as you do routine cleaning. Finally, stay away from bright colors as they make dirt more pronounced and this is not appealing at all.

Take your time deciding what kind of furniture you want in your space and don’t compromise on quality. Compare different prices, including online retailers, to ensure that you get the best deal in the market.