The 6 Types of Home Lighting

Did you know you can sort home lighting into categories? Illuminating your home is one of the most important elements of function and decor. Keep reading to learn about the six types of home lighting, so each room shines brightly and according to your design vision.

1. Task.

Small and concentrated, task lights help you see when you’re writing, cooking, or sewing. Honestly, there are countless projects that require a concentrated light. Think desk lamps in the study, vanity lights in your bathroom, or bright bulbs in the garage.

2. Decorative

Decorative lights beautify a space. Imagine a string of fairy lights sparkling like crystals, or a twinkling chandelier adding warmth and sophistication.

3. Accent

Accent lighting pulls the eye to a special area or object in your home. Want more drama? Use accent lighting. A standard feature in museums and art shows, accent lighting appears in a variety of forms. Track lights, floodlights, or the contemporary wall sconces Westlake Village offers are common examples.

4. Natural

Natural light may reference daylight, warm sunlight, or even moonlight streaming through an open window. Consider what direction the window faces when incorporating natural lighting.

5. Ambient

Ambient lighting is the main source of lighting in a room. Also called general lighting, this type envelopes the room in a glow that’s bright enough to see, but soft enough to relax. Ambient lighting is varied and can be natural light pouring through a window, a floor lamp, or track lights.

6. Landscape

Transform your home’s landscape into a magical wonderland. Outdoor lighting illuminates a pathway, draws attention to a lush garden, or an exquisite statue.

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Whether it is for the interior or exterior, lighting makes a profound impact on your home. Consider the purpose of the light, and you’ll have an easier time making your home shine.