The Steps in Asphalt Road Construction

There are many steps that must be completed to create a surface that is safe and will last for years to come. If you are seeing road construction Aberdeen sd, you might be asking yourself how exactly it is that they do what they do. One of the most common types of road construction is bituminous asphalt road paving. Asphalt has many unique properties that make it a great choice for most road construction projects. There are many phases that construction must go through to be complete.


One of the first things that need to be done during road construction is to evaluate the traffic and transportation systems around the entire state. Very strategic planning needs to take place every step of the way. Some of the things that are considered during planning are traffic volume, crash statistics, and the conditions of the current roads and bridges. Other things about the surrounding areas need to be considered like whether they can get the property needed, who will pay for it if it will be an asset, and how it will affect the environment.


Once the initial planning is completed, the land that will be used must be surveyed. Improvements in technology like global positioning systems have made this process much easier and faster than it was in the past. There are a lot of factors that influence the design of the road construction like the location, the properties of the soil and terrain, traffic volume, the weight that will be handled, and any developments that may happen in the area in the future. Once a design has been finished, the department of transportation accepts bids for the job. Usually, the lowest bid price is the winner of the job.

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One of the most important phases of road construction is the earthwork. Making sure the road has a stable foundation underneath it can make a big difference in the durability, safety, and overall outcome of the project. After embankments are built, heavy equipment like bulldozers levels the road. Once the road is level, the ground is compacted as much as possible to make it dense. It is during this time that anything like drains and sewers is built as well. It’s important that the edges of the road are lower than the center, so any water can run off effectively. The final stage of the earthwork is placing gravel in layers on the roadbed.


In Asphalt, a petroleum product called bitumen is used. At the asphalt plant, the material is heated up to around 300F before being taken to the construction site where it is spread and compacted onto the roadbed. Another option used in road construction involves a concrete mixture instead of asphalt.

After construction is completed, the surface is tested for its quality using seismology equipment to ensure its smoothness. If the surface isn’t smooth enough, it must be reground before opening to traffic. Road construction is a complicated process with results that can help a community for many years to come.