When Should Windows Be Replaced?

Replacing windows isn’t something we do every day. This is why we often get confused as to when windows need replacing, and when they can simply be repaired. We call a window company and a snazzy salesman walks in touting the benefits of getting new double glazing put in, but the bad reputation of these types makes it hard to trust them.

You should do lots of research to find out what the best choice is for you. Start here to get a general idea, and then look at your windows yourself after you’ve read the useful advice. You don’t need a salesman to help you out, just use your eyes and your head to figure out the best course of action! Here are our useful tips for deciding whether you need replacement windows.

  • Think about your needs

Why did you start thinking about replacing your windows in the first place? Do they look a bit grotty or are they leaking cold air? Perhaps they’re fogged up and you’re not sure if they need replacing or repairing. For chilly draughts, you can install a draught excluder or replace a faulty one, or fill in small gaps with nail polish.

If you’ve got fogged up windows, see whether or not you can remove the sash. If you are able to remove your window sash, take it to a hardware shop to have the glass or insulated seal replaced. If not, you’ll have to replace the whole window which is a bit more expensive.

  • Consider your energy savings

You can always make small repairs to faulty windows, but they’re going to be temporary ones. Windows go through a lot of wear and tear, so eventually you’ll probably have to replace them. If you can’t afford it right away, put in place a short-term solution and start saving!

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However, you’ll want to replace truly faulty windows eventually. If they’re fogged up or leaking, you are leaking warm air from your home which is terribly inefficient. You don’t want to be paying to contribute to global warming, do you?

  • Take the style of your home into consideration

Have you been thinking of selling? Perhaps you’ve had it on your mind, but you’re not sure if you’re going to get a return on your investment. You may have been asking yourself whether your windows are going to be a hindrance – and this may well be the case.

uPVC windows are an affordable option, but sometimes they are installed on homes that they really don’t belong on. If you have an older home that a previous owner put uPVC windows on, or a style of windows that doesn’t quite go with the rest of your home style, consider replacing them to increase the aesthetic appeal.

  • Compare service providers

Once you’ve done lots of research yourself and have determined what you think the best course of action is, it’s time to call the experts. Get as many quotes as you can, and compare them closely. This is the best course of action for figuring out a) if you truly can afford new windows and b) which company will best suit your needs.

You want to get at least 3 quotes, and compare not only their prices but also their reviews, online profiles, services and experience. There’s a lot to think about when you’re spending hundreds of euros on something. Take your time to decide.

  • Different windows, different needs

Take a very good look at your windows and determine what they need to work properly or give you what you want. For instance, if it won’t open fully or properly, look at the handle mechanism and think about whether that might need replacing instead of something else. Sometimes moving parts just need to be cleaned or lubricated to be in working order again.

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Wooden sash windows can also be sanded or planed down if they have swollen in their frames. However, you’ll need some professional help to get them out since they are quite tricky to deal with.