Why Use Precut Tennis Balls for Your Furniture Legs?

Scratches and scoring on wood floors from the simple act of sliding out a chair can cost you a fortune to repair. Precut tennis balls on the bottoms of the legs make the chair easier to maneuver and safer for any flooring surface. It even works great for patio furniture.

Reduce Noise in Moving Chairs and Tables

The sound of chairs and metal tables scooting across tile floors, patio pavers, and wood or laminate flooring can make you cringe. Placing precut tennis balls on the bottom of the legs will eliminate this problem. The simple design is easy to use and offers durable protection.

Protect Your Sensitive Flooring

Wood and laminate flooring can be scarred and scratched by dragging chairs and other furniture across the surface. It can lead to expensive replacements or repairs. Precut tennis balls for chairs are an attractive way to provide the protection your floor needs for both metal and wood frame seating. It works just as effectively for barstools, table legs, and many other furniture items.

Move Furniture Using Less Effort

Adding the pre-cut tennis balls allows easier movement over any flooring surface. It gives you added leverage to move heavy items with little effort. It makes rearranging items and cleaning a breeze. Along with the footies for chairs and tables, you can choose from other furniture caps for items like desks or couches.

Protect the Legs of Your Furniture

Wear can also happen to the legs of your chairs or furniture over time. Wood items can begin to pull apart if you consistently drag them over unforgiving surfaces. Protect the money you’ve invested in your furnishings. Precut tennis balls and furniture footies are the easiest solutions for every room in your home or office.

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Enjoy an easier way to protect your floors and furniture from excessive wear through moving chairs, tables, couches, beds, and other items over the surface. You’ll love how easy they are to install and use.