3 Bathtub Remodeling Tips

Sometimes, to spruce up the bathroom, all you need to do is remodel the bathtub. There are a few ways to accomplish this task. You can opt for a bathtub liner installation, for example. In this situation, your bathtub remains in place and a liner covers it completely. A simple solution that offers an array of styles and colors that also tends to be budget-friendly.

If you opt to take a different route, here are three bathtub remodel tips to consider.


If you would rather start over with your bathtub, you should narrow down the layout choices that you would like. Some people opt for a full bathtub and a separate shower. Others prefer the bathtub and shower combo. Take into consideration the space, the rest of your bathroom and the feel you are trying to convey. Starting over gives you the freedom to be creative. Taking a look at design magazines, checking out the new trends online or consulting with a professional can help during the first stages of this process.


During any remodel, you are going to have to chose the materials you would like to use. For a bathtub remodel, not only can you be creative in terms of the design; you can also be creative with the materials. Bathtubs that are meant to be luxurious have been known to be made out of unconventional materials like granite. If your bathtub is going to be more low-key, check out the selection at your local hardware store. You can also consult with a local architect for more ideas.

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For some people, their bedroom is their sanctuary. For others, their bathroom is their sanctuary. Knowing the mood you would like to create in your bathroom through your bathtub is a helpful starting point. If you are not sure, sifting through magazines, going through idea boards or visiting model homes may help.

When you decide to do some different to your bathtub, you can opt for a liner or you can start from scratch by taking into consideration the layout, materials and style.