FA eyeing Pep to manage England national team to replace Southgate, whose contract is up

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The elite media broke the news! The English Football Association (FA) has expressed interest in Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola to take over as manager of the England national team, replacing Gareth Southgate, whose contract expires in 2024.

Daily Mail, famous British media News report of England national football team Which is currently under the control of Gareth Southgate, the English manager. In the past period, English football fans were satisfied with the performance of Southgate’s team, which led the “Roaring Lions” deep into the finals of important football competitions. But there are still some people who don’t like it because they think that England national team This team has good players on the ufabet https://ufabet999.com team and should be able to win some championships. It’s not just about getting into the deep rounds.


The report states that. The English Football Association (FA) is considering the appointment of the new manager of the English Football Association (FA). England national team When is the time for Gareth Southgate to step down from the manager’s chair? That his contract expires after 2024 means that. The European Football Championship “Euro 2024” will be the last tournament that Southgate will manage.

for options in position new team manager Of the English national team. The FA is interested in “Pep” Joseph Gradiola. Manager of the “Blue City” Manchester City team oversaw the team winning the Premier League. and important items continue to come

However, that The English national team will not be easy for Pep to be the coach of the team. As he still has a contract with Manchester City that lasts until the summer of 2025. If he wants to manage the team, he must pay a large contract release clause. At this point, the FA has not yet closed the opportunity for Southgate to extend his contract to manage the England national team. Because in 2026 there is an important program like the 2026 World Cup. If you want continuity in the playing tactics of the England national team.