Roulette formulas & tips that gamblers rarely talk about.

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       If talking about playing roulette, anyone who has been to a big casino or played an online casino before would probably know this painful steel ball game very well, especially for new players. Because aside from the dizzying table, if you don’t know Roulette Formulas & Tips, then there is a bankruptcy that no one would want to fall into that condition. because no gambler does not want to bet on the opponent

       Although starting to play roulette may seem a bit complicated. But believe it or not, just by focusing on studying the roulette formulas & tips that we will tell each other. It will not only make it easier to understand how to play. But it also gives us the opportunity to get a substantial amount of money back as well. But what is the formula? Which techniques In order not to let us put all the chips all together, let’s see.

Roulette formulas & tips that gamblers rarely talk about.

1. Playing in a set of 12 numbers UFABET

       Playing in a 12-number set, players will be able to play either 3 vertical sets or 3 horizontal sets. For those who are new to playing or are not proficient in roulette, should play 3 vertical sets because in this way we will be able to play. Weighting the chip away by placing traps 2 sets at a time, also reducing the chances that we will lose again, for example, we play the 2nd 12th and 3rd 12th set, meaning that the remaining 1st 12th set will be a lower number. When this is the case, we can bet high together. On the other hand, if we choose to play with 3 horizontal sets, we cannot use this roulette formula because the low and high numbers are divided equally into two sides, making it more difficult to bet.

2. Flip the Rang Kaew abacus and stab it correctly.

       One thing that needs to be done before every chip placement is We must know where to bet to be worthwhile. Otherwise, the symptoms may not be worth it, for example, 2nd 12 is the set in the middle. If betting on the whole set, the return will be 3 times, if placing 8 chips, will receive 24 chips, etc. In addition, if we choose to bet on 6 slots, it will receive 6 times the return, assuming 4 per slot. will get 6 x 4 = 24 chips as well 

3. Practice placing chips to find unique roulette formulas & tips.

       In the old days, practicing playing roulette before being able to master it may have to lose a lot. But now we can easily practice putting chips together just by using a single player training program. There will be no time limit for playing here. This gives us plenty of time to sit and think about the returns that will be obtained in each formula. It can be said to be a good place to train your hands. Once you’ve mastered playing alone and then going out to experience playing with others, it’s not too late.

4. Learn Probabilities from Roulette Games

       Immediately when talking about high and low bets Most people tend to think that the odds of losing are half and half or 50%, but forget to think that in the numbers 1-36 on the roulette board it is divided into 3 sets, meaning that roulette betting can be done in a high, medium, low way. Although the chances of being right are only about 33% per set, but we can bet up to 2 sets, or that is, we have a chance of winning up to 66%.

5. Reckless with betting on ten numbers

       Difficulty that challenges gamblers in playing roulette is betting on a single number or betting on a single number. With a return of up to 36 times, it makes gambling experts want to try it once and see how it will be. But in the end had to lose back because of not knowing roulette formulas & tips, in fact, betting on a favorite number doesn’t always mean having to bet on a single number. But it is a focused bet on lucky numbers, not scattering random chips for fluke. 

       Normally, the number that usually comes out is 0. From statistics, this number is the number that you can eat in almost every casino. The number 6 is another number that should be bet. There are also numbers 5, 8, 14, 29 and 32, all of which are in the second row and statistically, numbers from row 2 tend to come out more often than other rows.

6. Increase chances with high-low tods

       It’s not just the lottery that has bets. Because roulette bets are also stabbed by Tod. In particular, betting on 12 digits will have a return of 2 times. In addition, we can increase the chances of getting money by betting on 12 digits, 2 sets as well, for example, betting on numbers 1-12 at 100, betting on numbers 13-24 at 100, if An iron ball falls on either side between the numbers 1-24, we will get money from that side. Assuming the number 7, we will get 300 baht from betting 1-12 when deducting the money that is 100 per set, totaling 200. We still have 100 left, which is a profit from this bet. Even if you get less, you will be sure. Eat less and eat for a long time. 

7. Don’t stab anything repeatedly. Try to pick a number that isn’t right.

       Some gamblers even say that more difficult than betting on the lottery is betting on roulette. Betting on the lottery, we can still follow the same numbers over and over again, at least it hits once. But betting on roulette, it is almost impossible to issue duplicate numbers. Sometimes we want to give out the number we think, it pushes out another number. If we bet on other numbers that we do not think will come out, it may be another way that helps us earn money from playing roulette as well.

8. Win comfortably by stabbing the middle line

       For a roulette game that divides 36 numbers into 3 sets, 1-12 is low, 13-24 is neutral, 25-36 is high. High or low bets may be difficult to exit. This is different from the middle set which tends to be drawn quite often. have a chance to win more easily In this way, it is a roulette formula & tips that is popularly used by new players.

9. Trap statistics and stab stick

       Another popular method used by roulette players to bet high and low is to observe how the numbers come out and then stab next. Next time, if it’s low 3 times in a row, next time, bet low. But if it comes out as high, the next round will bet high. or if it turns out alternately, stab alternately Because most of the roulette numbering patterns are always repeating like this.

10. I love you, I miss you staring at both sides

       This roulette formula & tips, gamblers often use it in conjunction with the stick bet method to bet high and low. will choose to bet on the channel 13-24, which is the middle channel first Because this channel has both high and low in itself. Then read the game according to the stab stick method and then choose whether to bet on 1-12 that is low or 25-36 that is high.

11. Stab Toot 0 every time

       The simple reason that most players choose to bet 0 is because the number 0 is usually the number issued to you as soon as 0 is issued, you eat smoothly if no one bets. Therefore, every bet placed on the player will always bet 0 at least 10 baht, along with other bets on other numbers as well. Because at least if it actually turns out 0, you can still get 36 times or 360 baht from 0 bets as a consolation prize.

12. Stab, but not too much

       Remember that gambling of all kinds, including roulette games, is a pastime used to cure boredom. with stakes as an element Therefore, each stab should be stabbed a little at a time so that it can be stabbed for a long time because if we stab too much, if we lose, we will only be frustrated, wanting it back, hot head, and can’t think of what to stab. In the end, it turned out to be stabbed until there was nothing left and nothing was returned.