Roulette rules about numbers 0 and 00

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   It can be seen that in arranging a set for placing bets. There are no numbers 0 and 00 in any group. Many people may wonder why these two numbers exist. Can you stab? 

        Regarding the numbers 0 and 00. It is said amongst bettors that these two numbers are meant to give the house or casino an advantage. Where 0 can provide a 2.7% advantage while 00 can be high. Up to 5.26% ever. Which the advantage rate here is quoted from the statistics of most roulette bets of players who are not popular to bet on these 2 boxes and when the wheel is spun. The roulette ball falls on the 0 or 00 box. As a result most of the dealers get the bet money.

Roulette rules about numbers 0 and 00

        However, nowadays there are many casinos including online casinos trying to attract players with La Partage and En Prison rules for outside bets such as even/odd, high/low, black/red etc. In which this form of bet has a payout rate of 1 to 1. In the event that the roulette ball falls in the 0 channel, the player will lose only half of the bet. While inside bets which have a payout rate many times higher Players will lose all bets as before.

        The La Partage rule stipulates that after the bet has been deducted, the player must collect the remainder of the UFABET bet. If the next round is played again, then place again. As for En Prison, players can collect the remaining bets back or leave them for betting on the next spin.