Things on the table that you need to know before placing a bet

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  Before placing bets on the roulette table Players need to know what the number chart shown on the table means. because on the table there is not only a number table with only black and red, but it also has a little hidden roulette rules as well

        There are 2 types of roulette tables in general, French and American, which differ in that the American version has a 00 slot, besides, there are numbers 0-36 as well. In the form UFABET of a set so that players can place bets in a variety of ways according to their needs which consists of

Things on the table that you need to know before placing a bet

           1. The first set of 12 numbers (1st 12) are numbers 1-12.

           2. The second set of 12 numbers (2nd 12), including numbers 13-24

           3. Group of 12 numbers, third set (3rd 12), including numbers 25-36

           4. The group of numbers in the low number set, including numbers 1-18

           5. The group of numbers in the high number set, i.e. numbers 19-36

           6. Even numbers (Even)

           7. Odd numbers (Odd)

           8. Red (Red)

           9. Black (Black)

Know online roulette Gambling that can be easily played at home

actually between online roulette with roulette in the casino There wasn’t much difference. Just now we can play at home. The different equipment used to play is the same. We can see the reward from the camera that the casino has installed at the table. as if playing in a real casino

Now, the roulette table that we usually find in online casino Most of them are European tables that originated in France. The way to play is simple, we just predict the prize that will be drawn among the 37 numbers between 0-36 and each number has a background color. This is not for beauty. But in order to have more diverse betting styles As for the method of issuing prizes, it will be random, just like the lottery that we are familiar with.