Getting Carpet Just Right

If you aren’t sure how to get carpet installed in the home so that there aren’t any creases or ridges, then it’s a good idea to find a professional who can come to the home and complete the work for you. However, if you have the necessary tools and get advice from carpet installation Lewisville companies about the best type of flooring to use and how to secure the floor, then you can usually do the work yourself.

There are a few tools that you might have at home that you can use when installing carpet, such as a tape measure and hammer. You might need to rent or buy a few of the other items that you need, such as knee pads, a power stretcher, and an iron for the seams. If you don’t want to invest in a carpet stretcher, you can try to pull the carpet yourself, but the result will likely be lumps that are seen as well as wrinkles. In order to get the carpet straight and tight on the floor so that it’s secure, you need to at least rent a stretcher.

If there will be a pattern on the floor, then it’s best to lay the carpet in the pattern or design that you want before seaming pieces together. This technique will give you a better idea as to where each piece should go and how the pattern will look on the floor when the installation is complete. Buy a little extra instead of getting just the right amount of carpet. It’s better to have too much that you can take back to get your money back for than not enough carpet that might not be at the store when you go back. Padding under the carpet should touch the edges of the room instead of being right up against the wall as this is usually where the tacking will be placed.

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