9 signs of serious disease from bruises on the body

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Have you ever wondered why bruises on the body occur? For some people, knowing the cause of bruises on the body may not be a big concern. But for some people who suddenly My body had mysterious bruises that I didn’t know. It’s normal to worry. The bruises on the body if left for a long time can be harmful to the body. Due to various bruises It is considered a sign of disease occurring in the body. Let’s take a look at the signs of disease from bruises on the body.

9 signs of serious disease from bruises on the body

1. Accident:
In the case where the bruise on the body is green or has 1-2 bruises, when pressed there is a slight pain. That could be a normal bruise caused by an accident such as hitting a hard object, for example.

2. Getting older
When you get older Our skin will become thinner. Therefore, the fat and collagen that are responsible for protecting the blood vessels will decrease as well. As a result, blood vessels are fragile and break easily. This results in dark patches on the skin when the โปรโมชั่น ufabet blood bleeds.

3. The body lacks vitamins.
In the case where the body lacks vitamin C and vitamin K It will cause blood to bleed easily. The body will have blood spots or purpura all over the body. If left for a long time, it can cause severe bleeding in vital organs.

4. Using steroids for a long time
Prolonged use of steroid medication Cause side effects from taking medicine. By making the capillaries fragile and easily broken. This results in very frequent bruising on the body.

5.Low platelets
In parts of the body that have low platelets or abnormal platelet function Superficial bruising will be seen on the skin. which may be evident in the joints

6. Lack of factor VIII protein.
A body that lacks factor VIII protein from birth is called hemophilia. But if there is a lack of this type of protein due to stimulation from other diseases It will cause blood clotting to decrease. until bleeding occurs easily but is difficult to stop and there were large bruises all over the body. And there is often quite severe bleeding.

7. Blood clots in the veins
When the body has blood clots in the veins It will result in inconvenient blood circulation. This often causes bruising on the legs and green blotches. There is pain along with swelling. But if the blood clot breaks off and clogs the lungs Will cause pain in the chest. and has symptoms of coughing up blood dizziness Shortness of breath and loss of consciousness which is considered life-threatening

8. has a bone marrow defect
Bone marrow deficiency caused by low platelets This is because the body cannot create it like normal. As a result, there are bruises and blood on the body and it bleeds easily. Whether it’s a nosebleed or oral bleeding

9. has leukemia
Leukemia is caused by abnormal growth of embryonic white blood cells. and cannot become complete blood cells Therefore, it interferes with the production of other types of normal blood cells. As a result, patients are easily infected. Feeling tired unusual easy bleeding and blood splotches appear on the body

Therefore, who often has bruises on their body without knowing the reason? which may not have been in an accident or collided with various solid objects You should pay close attention to signs of bruising on the skin. In order to be able to know that various bruises Is that one of the signs of having any kind of serious disease or not?