How to Make Your Air Conditioner Less Noisy

Keeping a home cool over the summer months can be challenging. Some homes have central units, other homes have split units and some homes have no air conditioning to speak of. While there is a great deal to consider in terms of the size of the room or home pursuant to the size of the air conditioning unit, there is one thing that people look for quite often; a quiet air conditioner.

Quieting Down an Air Conditioner

Most people have experienced a noisy air conditioner. Large commercial units, especially outdoor units, can be quite noisy. However, residential HVAC systems, whether they’re central units or individual units, can also create a great deal of racket. To some, this may not be an issue, but to others, it is extremely distracting and difficult to live with. Fortunately, there are some things that can be done to quiet down a noisy air conditioning unit.

A New Air Conditioner

Perhaps the best way to get a quiet air conditioning system is to replace an old unit with a new model. Regardless of the level of quality, most people know that new air conditioning units are always quieter than their older counterparts. A higher quality unit may be necessary to ensure that the unit offers quiet operations beyond the first year, but in any event, a new unit is typically going to operate at lower volumes.

Refurbishing and Repairing an Older Unit

Another thing to consider is replacing various parts of an old air conditioning system. Most noises are created by the fan unit on an air conditioning system. While outdoor fans will always be fairly noisy, especially because of the heat exchange they offer, indoor fans should be powerful, but shouldn’t create a great deal of noise. If the fan unit is too loud, it may be worth replacing it with a new fan unit. This may be all that is needed to significantly reduce the amount of noise an air conditioner produces.

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Whether it’s a new unit or its making simple repairs to an existing air conditioner, there are ways to reduce the amount of noise these systems produce when in operation. If it’s important to you and you can’t get past the noise that your air conditioner is making, following these simple tips can help significantly.