Out with the Old and in with the New

I’ve had a pretty good experience with getting plantation shutters from a company a few years ago, but that company is long gone because of the economy. They just couldn’t stay in business because they weren’t getting enough customers. It was a bit of bad luck for me, because after a storm came, I needed to have the shutters in my home replaced again, and I had no one to turn to at the time. The only thing I could really do was look for a company that could replace them and hope they were just as good at putting in new shutters.

I scoured the Internet for any company I could find that would service my area for putting in new shutters. I didn’t just select the first company that I came across. I looked at all of the customer reviews for the companies, and even looked for pictures that would reflect their installation jobs. From this, I was able to weed out a lot of the cheaper companies, and advertisements from people that weren’t even real companies, just contractors doing work on the side without insurance. There are so many of these people that it’s a wonder they haven’t been inspected.

After so many weeks of looking for companies, I was able to find one that I would consider the cream of the crop, or in this case, the cream of the corps. I contacted them about my problem, and they told me that they would do their best to take care of the issue with my shutters. They gave me the option of trying to make a repair on the old ones, or just getting rid of them and replacing them with brand new shutters. Although I liked the old ones, I wanted to have the new ones, so I went with that.

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