Protect Your Home and Family by Keeping the Exterior Clean

There are several benefits from keeping your house siding clean. It increases the value of your home, cuts down on insect infiltration, and extends the life of the siding. Mildew, mold, and insects can penetrate into the wood beneath the siding and cause eventual structure damage.

Proper Cleaning 

Green moss growing on your siding attracts mold, and mildew. This happens most often in a house that has a reduced amount of sunshine. Siding cleaning will eliminate the problems associated with dirty siding. High pressure power washers can actually damage siding, especially if it is aluminum or another fragile material. An environmentally friendly soaking foam that is applied before cleaning takes out stains and deep ingrained dirt. An adjustable power washer will spray off the dirt, mold, and grime without damaging any siding or surrounding plant life.


A special protective sealant can be applied to the siding to help repel insects and mold in the future. This will add years to the life of your siding. Proper maintenance will save money from costly repairs in the future.

Health Issues 

Not only will dirty siding cause structural problems, there is also health dangers. Mold can cause issues with lungs, skin, and can even affect the nervous system. Depression, headaches, fatigue, and joint paint have all been linked to mold. Those with asthma, the elderly, and young children are especially susceptible.

Insect Damage 

Termites do more damage to more damage to houses than the combination of floods, fires, and storms. Carpenter bees and some beetles are also attracted to the wood in your house. Keeping the exterior of your home clean and dry will help deter these insects. Sealing the siding will also help keep wood eating insects at bay.

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Stained and dirty siding can also attract rodents. An infestation of mice, rats, and even squirrels can also cause major damage to your home. They can get in behind your siding, and make there way into the walls. These animals like to chew on wiring, which is also a major cause of house fires.

Siding cleaning should be done once a year to help prevent these problems. The cost of cleaning is very little considering the problems caused by letting mold and dirt build up on your home. Not only will your house look better, you will also feel better. Inspect your home and if it needs cleaning, a professional service can do it right and seal it to help prevent mold and algae from forming in the future.